Affordable CSaaS Solution Helps SMEs Fight Huge Rise in Cyber Crime


(01/09/2021: Ely, Cambridgeshire) Small-to-medium enterprises faced with fighting a 65% year-on-year global increase in ransomware attacks[1] can now easily and affordably fortify their cyber resilience with IT Governance’s new and innovative Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS) Solution.  

While cybercrime continues to grow exponentially in this hybrid working world, organisations of all sizes face a severe cybersecurity talent drought. The supply of available, qualified security professionals is insufficient, and the competition for services has dramatically increased – so far 2021 has seen an estimated 4.07 million cyber security jobs left unfilled[2]. With the lack of talent pushing prices up to sums that only large corporations can afford, most SME’s have been left vulnerable and insufficiently secured in a landscape that requires 24x7x365 protection against these growing cyber threats.  

Working alongside leading financial services group, Stubben Edge, IT Governance’s new and cost-effective CSaaS solution enables SMEs to fight back and strengthen their cyber security posture with a comprehensive monthly package which immediately gives them access to their own dedicated team of experts, tools, training and 24x7x365 support. For additional peace of mind, specialised cyber insurance is built into each package and covers up to £500,000 for network interruption, loss of income, cyber extortion, potential damages and claims expenses. 

Starting from £1,250 per month, IT Governance’s CSaaS solution provides: 

  • Dedicated cyber security experts that will provide direction and guidance on how to secure an organisation based on an initial assessment of its cyber security posture.  

  • Continuous vulnerability scanning and assessments to spot weaknesses that crop up both inside and outside an organisation, so remedial action can be deployed immediately 

  • Ongoing staff awareness training to reduce the threats that staff can pose both working remotely and in the office. 

  • Cyber incident response management planning to help organisations identify and treat incidents, and quickly return to business as normal    

  • Emergency legal support should an organisation suffer a data breach or cyber attack  

  • Specialised cyber insurance cover of up to £500,000  

  • Pre-written policy and procedure templates to ensure documentation is complete and in line with best practice. 

  • An unlimited cyber security advice line for day-to-day peace of mind. 

  • A knowledge pool of newsletters, webinars and security updates to share with staff, senior management and stakeholders. 

Alan Calder, Founder and Executive Chairman of IT Governance, says: “Cyber criminals don’t take time off in the evenings or over weekends, which means organisations of all sizes need to be prepared with cyber security practices that protect their business 24/7. Until we can rectify the talent drought we’re currently witnessing in the industry, only large corporations will be able to afford to have an in-house cyber security department, or run sufficient training schemes – which leaves SMEs insufficiently resourced, vulnerable and an easy target for cyber criminals. We’ve already seen a significant increase in cyber crime this past year, with remote working making SMEs an even easier target – and we believe something needs to be done to make comprehensive cyber security accessible for organisations of every shape and size. CSaaS is that solution – it is essentially an extension of an organisation’s IT department – it is a cost-effective, pre-packaged and all-inclusive cyber security team that works 24x7x365 to make sure organisations are, and continue to remain, cyber secure, at home, in the office, wherever in the world they work.” 

Chris Kenning, CEO of Stubben Edge, adds: "We are very excited to bring our insurance expertise to this ground-breaking new service from IT Governance. A cursory glance at global headlines, not just in the cyber-security industry, is enough to cause anxiety to even the most conscientious business owner. The pandemic accelerated the growth of the hybrid working model which, in turn, has highlighted the increasing danger to businesses and individuals from hackers and cyber-terrorists, especially for small to medium enterprises. 

“With hackers continually innovating to beat security measures and despite the world-leading resource, expertise and training supplied by ITG, there will always be times when a break or a ransomware attack leads to business interruption and potential destruction. The addition of insurance to the solution means additional peace of mind for subscribers that they can pay for legal advice, assistance with regulatory issues or reputational support, while the IT experts get the business back to full fitness." 

IT Governance’s CSaaS solution starts from £1,250 a month and is available in small, medium and corporate-sized packages.  

For more information on CSaaS, how it works and what’s included, visit the IT Governance website here or call +44 (0)333 800 7000. 




About IT Governance 

IT Governance is a leading global provider of cyber risk and privacy management solutions, with a special focus on cyber resilience, data protection, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), ISO 27001 and cyber security. 

IT Governance is committed to helping businesses protect themselves and their customers from the perpetually evolving range of cyber threats. Its deep industry expertise and pragmatic approach help clients improve their defences and make key strategic decisions that benefit the entire organisation. 

IT Governance’s Protect - Comply - Thrive approach is aimed at helping organisations achieve resilience in the face of constant change. 


About Stubben Edge  

The Stubben Edge Group is revolutionising insurance distribution, providing a digital platform where distributors can start, run and grow their businesses. Its cutting-edge technology enables entrepreneurs to find and sell better insurance products, cheaper and faster to a growing database of over 12m GDPR-compliant potential customers. The platform supplies administration, finance, compliance and marketing services at the touch of a button. 


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[1] 2021 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report - SonicWall 

[2] (ISC)² 2020 Cybersecurity Workforce Study ( 

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