IT Governance Publishing’s new audiobook ownership model – lower prices, increased earnings for authors


Ely, United Kingdom, 28/11/2023 – IT Governance Publishing (ITGP), the world-leading publisher for governance and compliance, is proud to announce its new audiobook pricing. Focused on providing readers with a cost-effective way to enjoy audiobooks, while ensuring authors receive greater compensation, this initiative bypasses traditional distribution channels and eliminates third-party fees such as those incurred on platforms like Amazon.

This innovative approach aims to not only enhance the accessibility of our vast catalogue but also maximise financial returns for both our esteemed authors and the publishing industry as a whole. Key features of ITGP’s audiobook ownership model include:

Lifetime access – readers purchasing audiobooks from ITGP will enjoy lifetime access to their purchases, promoting a sustainable reading experience.

Lower prices – ITGP is committed to making quality content more affordable. By eliminating intermediary fees, we can lower the overall cost of audiobooks, ensuring readers receive exceptional value for their investment.

Author-centric compensation – authors stand to benefit from this model as ITGP channels the revenue directly to them without the deductions commonly associated with third-party platforms. This approach guarantees authors a more substantial share of the earnings from each sale.

Vicki Utting, Managing Executive of ITGP, expressed enthusiasm about this initiative: “We are committed to providing our authors with fair compensation and providing readers with an affordable and diverse range of audiobooks with unlimited access. This direction of travel aligns with our core values of supporting authors and delivering exceptional value to our readers.”

ITGP currently offers about 50 of its titles in audiobook format, with more coming soon. The entire collection of audiobooks is available at an unbeatable price of just £6.99 each.

To find out more about ITGP, please visit the website, email or call +44 (0)333 666 9000.

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