ITGP joins forces with Scopism to help global SIAM community thrive


Ely, United Kingdom, August 2021 – IT Governance Publishing (ITGP), the world-leading publisher for governance and compliance, is delighted to announce its new partnership with Scopism to support the organisation on its mission to champion IT management professionals in the fast-changing digital era.
ITGP will be publishing both the Service Integration and Management (SIAM™) Foundation Body of Knowledge (BoK) and the SIAM™ Professional BoK, written by Scopism Director Claire Agutter. These books will help candidates pass both their Foundation and Professional certifications, as well as serve as useful reference guides when implementing SIAM practices.

Claire Agutter, Director of Scopism, said: “We’re delighted to be working in partnership with IT Governance Publishing to bring the hard copy and eBook versions of the SIAM Foundation Bok to the global SIAM community. Our mission has always been to make SIAM knowledge as widely available as possible, helping customers, integrators and suppliers in SIAM models to work together to deliver maximum value and create a true culture of collaboration. ITGP has a reputation for quality and excellence that aligns with Scopism’s values and we’re looking forward to working closely with them in the future.

“The SIAM Foundation BoK is essential reading for SIAM practitioners. It draws on the experience of SIAM experts from all types and sizes of organisation to give you a complete introduction to effective service management in a multi-supplier environment. The Foundation Bok will help you deliver maximum value and manage end-to-end services across complex supply networks – essential for modern digital environments. The BoK includes key definitions, practices, roles and challenges to support SIAM practitioners at all levels, as well as those studying for the globally recognised SIAM Foundation certification.”

Michelle Major-Goldsmith, Lead Architect – SIAM Professional, Contributing Author – VeriSM, Founder Member – SIAM Foundation, Secretary – itSMFA WA, added: “Where the SIAM Foundation BoK has successfully codified the practice of service integration and management across multiple service providers, the SIAM Professional BoK takes this theory and expands on it to provide a deeper understanding and practical application. The second edition has been updated to include and align modern practices, such as VeriSM, Agile, DevOps and trust-based management concepts, to ensure this body of knowledge remains relevant for years to come.

“With contributions from more than 50 global experts, the SIAM Professional BoK demonstrates there is not one way to apply SIAM, and offers an abundance of advice, examples and experience that are an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration for practitioners working in multi-provider environments. We trust readers will find it an invaluable resource on their SIAM journey.”

You can pre-order both publications on the ITGP website here
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